Professional Services

Legislative Intent

Sawyer Consulting is a Maryland-based limited liability company that specializes in business architecture, data architecture, and technology architecture support on complex regulatory IT programs throughout the Federal government. Sawyer Consulting teams with systems integrators to provide specialized business and technical knowledge in the industries that are at the center of recent Federal and State regulatory reforms. We help our clients bridge the gap between complex regulatory intent and practical system development.

Agency Rulemaking

Today’s complex regulatory environment requires more than just taking technical development orders from siloed program areas. Successful business and IT implementation of the legal and regulatory framework set out by Congress and the Executive Branch requires a relentless focus on connecting regulatory goals to various program area business capabilities, and identifying which new tools, new systems, and other support needs are in the gaps.

Business and IT Compliance

Complex industries have spurred complex regulations. We excel as Subject Matter Expert advisors and leaders on IT program teams that are tasked with implementing Agency and program area-specific regulatory directives.

We staff a range of systems full-lifecycle development staff including business analysts, developers, quality assurance/testers, and project and program managers. Our team members are experienced implementers of the latest federally deployed technologies.


We work with a network of former Capitol Hill staffers and Executive Agency attorneys to apply a layer of regulatory analysis that most of our competitors neglect. Upfront understanding of requirements regarding Congressional intent, actual statutory language, and detailed Agency rulemaking helps us prevent costly IT re-work on your new initiatives.


We hire the best communicators in the IT business. Our experienced IT staff are able to interview and re-articulate business-user knowledge onto the page better than anyone else in the industry. Fundamentally, we believe that requirements capture, articulate writing, and executive presentation (for buy-in) are the key to successful IT implementations.


We believe successful solutions have superior, measurable long-term returns. We believe that clear, unrelenting focus on integrating the business and IT architecture is the primary driver of this success. This is the framework we apply to every case – whether package implementation or custom build.


We help you lead on your most challenging initiatives. From strategic analysis through operational planning through system implementation – our expert staff can support decision-making, program management, and IT investment.